Temporary Sacrifices, Long-Term Gains

Anytime I hear the word “sacrifice” I immediately start to wonder if what I’m giving up is going to be worth it. After all, most people choose to make a sacrifice based on the fact that the outcome will somehow be in their favor. I can’t even imagine making the choice to sacrifice an only child. But God did it, because he knew that the outcome would be far greater than the son he was going to lose. Not only was he going to gain the entire world, but he was also going to get his son back. I’m so glad that God thought that we were worth it. Thank you Lord for the ULTIMATE sacrifice!

If you want to win with your finances, there are some sacrifices that you’re going to have to make along the way. Keep in mind, they may just be temporary. For instance, if you do your budget (and you should be doing your budget) and you see that 20% of your income is going towards eating out, you may need to sacrifice eating out for a while so that you can apply that 20% towards paying down your debts. I know, I know, but you really like hanging out with your friends, hate to cook etc, but you can get over it if your financial freedom is really worth it to you. You’re going to have to make some tough decisions to get out of debt, but it will all be worth it. Once you’re free, you can start adding those things back into your life that once impeded your progress of getting out of debt. What can you change now, that will put you in a better position later?

My challenge to you is to take your last month’s bank statement, and really go through and categorize your expenses by percentage. What percent of your income are you spending on entertainment, shopping, gas, housing, food, cable, etc, and see where you can make some adjustments. The child in you is going to start screaming things at you like, “I don’t want to do that,” “It doesn’t take all of that,” or “I can’t live without it.” Tell your selfish emotions to shut up! You’ve got some growing up to do financially, and you’re going to do whatever it takes. Trust me, you’ll be fine, and so will your emotions. Remember, the quicker you get out the debt, the quicker you can start living a debt free life with little worry, more peace, and more fun! So, go ahead and decide which sacrifice you’re going to make starting today. It won’t hurt for long, especially once you see your net worth increasing and your debt decreasing. Like Dave Ramsey says, “if you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else! YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Change requires action!

Live free!


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