I Didn’t Get a Raise. Now What?

no raiseIt’s that time of year again…annual reviews, raises, bonuses, etc. What happens when the increase you were expecting wasn’t as much as you thought it was going to be or maybe it didn’t come at all? You become responsible for giving yourself a raise! Say what?! Yep, you read it correctly. You’re now responsible for giving yourself a raise.

Here’s how: Spend less + Saving more = INCREASE!

No-brainer right? But seriously, that’s exactly how you’ll end up with more…by spending less. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you’ll need to get you through this season. If you’re doing a budget regularly, which you should be, you will know where all of your money is going. If you’re not doing a budget, you need to start doing one, pronto! Now, take a good look at all of the businesses you’ve helped fund over the last year (you won’t be able to do this without completing your budget *hint, hint*). Whether you spent money on personal grooming, eating out, entertainment, electronics, etc…are funding those businesses more important than taking care of your “home” business? I guarantee you that if you call any one of their corporate offices and let them know that you’ve been a faithful customer, they will not write you a check to pay off your debt or to help pay any of your bills. They’ll simply say thank you, and find another way to get you back into their store. You have to think about your purchases differently. They aren’t just transactions, you’re helping someone worth millions increase their bank account while watching your own decline. The question I have for you is, is it worth it? That restaurant doesn’t need your money, you do. That new pair of shoes isn’t going to increase your savings account, it’s robbing it. What are you going to do about it? For the basic necessities that you have to fulfill like going the grocery store, gas station, buying basic clothing,etc., monitor sales, use coupons, and shop around.Whatever you have to do to reduce your spending.

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you. I don’t buy into the whole new year’s resolution thing, I’m merely suggesting a lifestyle change. You can only control that which is under your control, and that’s you. Whether you get a raise or not, you’re responsible for maximizing the dollars that you do have. Spend them wisely. Invest them wisely. Most importantly, take care of home first. So, who will be first on your “I’m sorry, but I’m temporarily out of cash list?” Tell them you’ll be back once you get out of debt, but in the meantime you have your own household business to take care of. Let’s start the new year off right. Taking care of you should be your first priority!

Change requires action!

Live free!


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