I Surrender All

Let’s face it, we were made in God’s image, and are supposed to have the mind of Christ. Let me just say, I’ve never known Jesus to have a shoe fetish! At some point we have to stop playing, and start being honest with God and with ourselves. Yes, God does want you to have the desires of your heart (Ps. 37:4). However, your heart should look like his. God doesn’t desire to be in debt, and neither should you. Stop letting the devil deceive you into thinking that God designed you to be a consumer, because he didn’t. God designed you to be a producer and to have dominion over the earth. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to desire nice things, because it isn’t. But what is wrong, is letting those things have control over you, especially while you’re still in debt.

If God asked you right now to get rid of all your shoes, handbags, designer clothes, latest technologies, bottles of alcohol (whatever it is that’s controlling your income), would you be able to do it? And please don’t be prideful and say, “God would never ask me to do that because he loves me.” We know that God is a jealous God (Exodus 34:14), and he will wreck up whatever is in his way to get to you. Take a moment to stop, think about it, and check your heart. You won’t even have to say it, your actions will display what you’ve decided in your heart. Why is is that we can tell God, I can’t tithe or give because I have bills to pay, but we can’t tell our impulsive flesh the same thing? You’ll be a lot better off if you dismount yourself off of your high horse, rather than have God knock you down. Trust me, it’ll be a softer landing when you do it on your own terms.

God’s desire is that you would get your financial house in order so that you can live life financially free and dependent on Him. Get out of debt so that you can pursue the life that He predestined for you. As much as you don’t want to spend your life in a dead end job, God doesn’t want you to either. But as long as you’re dependent on the world for a paycheck, you won’t be dependent on God. When God needs you to move, you have to be ready. A lot of us aren’t ready because we all of a sudden don’t have the resources to fund God’s work. Seriously, let’s stop playing with God and get our financial houses in order.

There is only one opportunity for every dollar that comes through your hand. If you choose to save it, you can’t spend it or invest it. If you choose to spend it, that’s one less dollar that you could have applied towards a debt repayment or being a blessing to someone else. You choose whether or not to invest in the world, yourself or God. Let me remind you, that people typically invest in something with the expectation of getting a return. What kind of return are you getting for your investments in alcohol, fast food or fine dining, cable, latest technology, personal grooming, overly priced clothing, shoes, and handbags? I surely never met a compliment that I could cash in at the bank! If everything that you buy depreciates in value you are not walking in the things of God. Take a careful look at the opportuinties that are flowing through your hands on a daily basis. Surrender your old ways to God and ask Him to guide you going forward. He will pour out blessings on you, but you still have the free will to obey Him or not.

Surrender yourselves today: “Lord, I am nothing without you. None of these earthly “things” (idols) matter. They do not make me who I am, YOU do. Free me from the spirit of materialism and consumption. The only debt I desire is the debt of love. Lord I thank you for your conviction so that I may stand corrected in Christ. Be with me and strenghten me as I make this transition. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

Change requires action!

Live free!